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smile by Hallpen smile :iconhallpen:Hallpen 200 6
Torn [ Negan / Reader ]
It’s a tragic laceration and it makes you sick to your stomach.
You briefly glance at the quiet storm of Negan that stands before your door so late within the night before looking back down to the wound, biting your lip at the sight. It is not nearly as bad as it could have ended up, but commiseration is due despite this. Not that you knew much about these kinds of things anyway, but the bullet hadn't seemed to have shattered too much, though getting it out would be dangerous for stability and strength when going in for some serious hits.
With the bullet still lodged into the side, you cautiously relieve Negan of his Lucille holding both ends in either hand. Running a thumb over her carefully, your gazing flickering up to his grim expression softly, “Um...I'm really sorry about this. Did you want to come in? ” Despite the invitation to a lewd comment by her offer, he does not seem at all interested in such antics tonight and slips beyond your frame, look
:iconneo-leaf:neo-leaf 5 0
Altair x Reader - Prologue
I pulled my hood up in a feeble attempt to stop the chill wind spreading through my body. I knew if I didn’t go back inside the hide out I’d be a Popsicle soon enough. “You’re reckless and an endangerment to your fellow members!” My master’s cruel words tightened in my heart. His reprimand was the reason I’d come out here. After being away from the hide out a full week I came home with good news for my Master. I’d acquired a list of Templars, a real treasure to find. I had been sure of two things when I entered our hide out this morning. One that the names on this list would be dead before night fall and two, my overdue promotion would finally be given to me. I have never been more wrong about anything in my entire life. A tale had reached my masters ears. And he believed the teller of this tale more than I. He hadn’t given me even a moment to explain reason for my actions. “It’s cold out here, you should get inside.
:iconjdfernandes:JDFernandes 14 8
Sweden x Reader - Exactly What You Wanted
A soft giggle pulls your attention back to your friend and away from your crush, who you have been staring at for the last few minutes.
“Come on, you need to tell him that you like him!” Tino announces and you smile sheepishly.
“Yeah, I know, but...those rumors…” You trail off, him nodding with understanding.
“Those ones that say that he’s not straight?” You nod and Tino smiles sympathetically at you, “Well, I have a feeling he might swing both ways.”
You perk up in response and Tino laughs softly at the way your eyes brighten, “Are you sure?” You ask quietly, the hope sounding in your voice.
“I’m fairly certain. But the only way to find out…” Tino starts teasingly, letting you finish.
“...Would be to ask him myself.”
His eyes sparkle in response and he nods, “Exactly! Do you have a plan as to how you’ll do it?”
You nod shyly and he nearly giggles in response, &
:iconaprillilypegasi:AprilLilypegasi 21 4
Last Sanctuary: Germany x Slavic!Reader [P4]
Night of Broken Glass
February, 1936: Berlin, Germany
       He always seemed to be on your block. Sometimes, you would see him patrolling around the Jewish bank up the street. Other times, he would be standing near the corner of the block, watching traffic go by. Once, you had even bumped into him at the Jewish cafe.
       You recalled that he was holding a wrapped pastry, and his eyes had flickered to yours as you mumbled an apology. You hadn’t realized it was him until you looked up and went rigid.
       He had muttered an apology to you and made his way out, leaving you and the rest of the customers inside the cafe stunned.
       An SS had apologized to you.
       Time flew by, and for once you thought that life was okay. There was hope.
October, 1938: Berlin, Germany
       The air is crisp. The drafts that breeze into your store don’t bother you
:iconthe-unknown-world:the-unknown-world 13 6
Steve x Reader: Facing Demons
:bulletblue: Steve x Reader: Facing Demons :bulletblue:

The world was on fire. Terrified screams filled the air as charred rubble cascaded from countless buildings, completely removing the cloudy sky from view. Eruption after eruption exploded; large chunks of stone freefell to crumble atop those who were unlucky enough to still be standing. It was an unstoppable maelstrom of death. Thick cloying smoke burned (F/n)’s lungs as she fought to run through the destruction. The acrid fumes made her choke as she frantically let her eyes swivel to her surroundings. Nothing was familiar to her bleary gaze, and she knew that most, if not all of her comrades were long dead.
The woman sprinted through the devastating wreckage, looking for any survivors. From her arm poured a steady stream of blood, but she did her best to ignore it. It was just a scratch; or so she had told herself, when she had first wrapped it in the ripped fabric of her former jacket. The cut on he
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 50 10
Jiltu (Peter Parker/poc!Reader)
Author Note: In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, I decided to write a poc!reader where the protagonist in this piece is Korean. I don’t speak Korean and I am not Korean, and I will NOT be describing how the reader looks. So instead of using google translate for translating dialogue, except for the title of the story, I will italicize anything that is spoken in Korean. I hope you enjoy this one-shot! :D
Watching Korean dramas, karaoke in Korea Town, and eating spicy Korean food was just some of the few things (Name) enjoyed doing after school as a Korean-American high school girl living in Queens, New York. Majority of the time, she was doing these activities alone, but sometimes, she wished her best friend, Peter, could enjoy them as much as she did.
Initially, Peter did go try karaoke, try authentic and spicy Korean food, and watch the latest Korean drama with her. But after embarrassing himself more than once stumbling over almost every Korean word du
:iconotomegirl24:Otomegirl24 4 11
Scotland x Reader You're a Loch Ness monster!
Scotland x Fem!Reader You're a Loch Ness monster! Part 1.
Allistor and you were inseparable when you first started dating.
Well, until a year later; he started to become distant to you.
At first, you didn't know why he was doing this, you even checked any evidence of him cheating on you but there were none.
So why is he being so avoidable around you? That you might never know.
Even asking him was a problem; he would never answer your calls, he wouldn't answer exactly what you were asking for or he wouldn't answer at all.
Yet, his brothers: Dylan and Seamus, do the same as well to you no matter how hard you asked to know what is wrong with Allistor; they say they don't know even they spend their time with Allistor with most of their time.
Guess only one way left to put it: Arthur, his youngest brother and the red-head despise the guy.
Arthur might know, let's try.
Arriving at his house and knocking on his door, he seemed to answer that quickly
:iconellz12:Ellz12 9 8
America x Reader Revolution Prologue
A broken choir of seagulls settled on the hulls of ships in the Boston harbor. As you stood apart from the crowd, the gathered audience adrift in attention and utterances before the speaker, you looked upwards at the clock that rested on Faneuil Hall’s tower.
It was nearly noon. Alfred should have been here by now.
You thought of your father instead— the tall, gentle, yet stern and assertive man, who traveled with you from your home country to America— who had also disapproved of your presence here.
The current topic that concerned the crowd was the English Empire. It was the most influential European power that governed the new world, commanding over the colonies— and it possessed half the globe underneath its rule.  Your father rejected any defiant idea of rebellion over the Sugar Act that the kingdom had passed. He additionally discouraged the obstinate thought that you were even to witness the protest that encouraged outrage against it, an
:iconpaintingpenguins:PaintingPenguins 15 7
Unknown [ Leonard McCoy / Reader ]
“Vice Admiral Ederra - pleasure to have you on - “
“Where is your CMO, Captain?”
What little pleasantly found in being spontaneously boarded by Star Fleet Vice Admiral Ederra - a woman well decorated and infamous in her pragmatic nature, vanishes at the the simple wave off of Jim's preamble. Three well equipped guards stand at her rear, following her with unwavering intention of protection. Not that she rightfully needed it - but surely it was for intimidating show alone. He boots press harshly against the floors of the ship as she strides past the stunned Kirk, hands firmly behind her back. He sees her regard the bridge, running over every detail and possible dent. While she is curt with him, she does not seem angry, per se. Simply concentrated and direct with her task.
Though, the hell did she want with Bones?
He tries to retrace the steps of his long time friend and cannot fathom how, whatever indiscretion he's committed, could have reached so high up
:iconneo-leaf:neo-leaf 6 0
Change of Path (Assassin!Sherlock x Reader)
AN: This story takes place in the Victorian Area (where the original Sherlock was created) and Sherlock is a little younger, say 20 years old.
Reader is 18 or older, but that's not so game-changing

You made your way into town, the basket on your arm waiting to be filled with goods you want to get at the local market.
Your parents were against you going out, numerous killings making the city a dangerous place for a young woman like you.
But you need the fresh goods and you refused the idea that somebody would go in your place to get them. This time out of the house was your time and you wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
Your family situation is difficult, you are still not married and your parents try to find a suitor for you. But you pushed everyone aside, you don't want to be stuck in a marriage, it isn't even sure if you would have financial security even if you agree.
Your parents want to see you happy, but you don't think they u
:iconsnakesgoethe:SnakesGoethe 12 17
Enjolras - Rise by stormyprince Enjolras - Rise :iconstormyprince:stormyprince 29 3 Sherlock Holmes 3: End of Watson's patience by Hallpen Sherlock Holmes 3: End of Watson's patience :iconhallpen:Hallpen 263 16 Swan princess by TrishaLayons Swan princess :icontrishalayons:TrishaLayons 421 23
College | Bucky Barnes x Reader |
(Name) shuffled into the dorm's communal kitchen after a five hour term-paper-writing session. She didn't know how in the hell she let herself wait until the last minute to do it (*cough*shedidn'twannafuckingdoit*cough*) but it was finally done and she could reemerge from her room. FREE BIRD!
She opened up the cupboard in search of her cereal, which was gone. Either someone ate it, or she was eating it in her room as she studied for that test two days ago and left the box up there. And now that she thought about it, she was most likely the culprit for that one. She could vaguely remember a red box sitting next to her bed...
However, she did not want to walk her ass all the way back upstairs. Her room was like a jail cell at this point, and her laptop was the warden. Her wrists still hurt from the cuffs that bastard slapped on her to get the paper started and finished...
"Thank you for being a friend..."
"Oh my god." (Name) uttered, voice cloaked in surp
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 66 11
Wreck | Frank Castle x Reader |
It’d been a pretty normal day. She woke up, let the dog out, and fixed herself up a quick breakfast. Since Frank had gotten back from deployment not too long ago, she was able to go into work earlier so she could in turn arrive home sooner, since she would no longer have to take her young daughter into school.
However, it never took very long for things to get out of hand.
(Name) gasped and tried to process what the hell had just happened. She’d just been driving out of her neighborhood, an orange Camaro in front of her. There was a bit of a dip at the entrance/exit of the community, so when pulling off she’d accelerate quicker. Nothing new.
Only the Camaro had stopped deadstick and she ran right into the rear end of the car. She hadn’t even had a chance to slam on her poor truck’s brakes! Her eyes were wide as she cut the key and hopped out of the vehicle, looking at the woman who owned the Camaro.
“Are you okay?!” Was her first
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 24 3



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