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Gandalf by kimberly80 Gandalf :iconkimberly80:kimberly80 658 51 Shire by kimberly80 Shire :iconkimberly80:kimberly80 319 38 good one, prongs by viria13 good one, prongs :iconviria13:viria13 4,516 139 Logan and Laura by Hallpen Logan and Laura :iconhallpen:Hallpen 826 25 OKAY by Hallpen OKAY :iconhallpen:Hallpen 1,014 30 Natural Born Actor v.2.5 by Hallpen Natural Born Actor v.2.5 :iconhallpen:Hallpen 175 11 over the years by Hallpen over the years :iconhallpen:Hallpen 344 9
Valentine (Spock x Reader)
Spock didn’t understand the appeal of emotions. Anger caused failure, violence, death and grief. Sadness caused anger, loneliness and desperation. Emotions caused humans to lose control. They became awkward or stifling depending on the emotion. Spock had no need for emotion in his life.
Well, until he met you that is.
You were wild and adventurous. Illogical and driven by emotional. Fragile yet strong.  A living contradiction. The opposite of Spock.
Y/N L/N was fascinating to Spock and his obsession didn’t go unnoticed by his friends.
He visited McCoy whenever he knew she was on shift, if only to catch a glimpse of her. He avoided Jim to visit the cafeteria when he knew she would be eating with her friends. He had drifted from Nyota and that had caused their relationship to end. He was definitely obsessed no matter how much he tried to hide it.
It was love and logically unrequited since he had never spoken to her.
That would change today. February the fourteenth. Also
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 8 0
The Library (Peter Parker X reader)
“So I’ll see you at the library tonight to work on our history project?”  You said to Peter as the two of you walked down the hall.   The two of you had been assigned to be each other's partners on the history of egyptian pharaohs.   The two of you were only classmates and rarely hung out but you always had a slight crush on him.  
“Yeah sure, right after school I’ll meet you at the library.”  He said as the bell rang.  “Better head to my next class.   See you then.”    He went off down the hall as you turned into a nearby classroom and sat down in your seat excited for later today.
Hours later the bell rang releasing you from school.    You went to your locker, grabbing the books you needed and texted Peter.     “Oh my way to the library.”   You said to yourself as you wrote the text and send it.  You  head out of the school and start towards the
:icondinogirl39:dinogirl39 14 0
The Son of the Sea - Dragon!Iceland x Reader
~ The Overture ~
. . .
"Mm . . ."
. . .
A soft murmur pierced the clockwork rumble of the carriage's wheels treading over the rocky path. The weary traveler stirred in his sleep, craning his neck to lean on the walls of the lush, velvet lined carriage. So accustomed was this traveler used to the periodic jolts and jumps of the thin wooden wheels as it rolled over stones and pebbles, shards of steel and whatnots. It was no surprise that this creature was able to sleep soundly even throughout any peace or chaos.
. . .
"Nngh . . ."
. . .
The traveler stirred again; agitated by the absence of the rocky path's playful shoves as the carriage rolled onto smooth ground. How long has it been since this creature has stepped foot outside of this luxurious centaur-driven carriage? No one was quite sure for this creature has been commuting from one city to the next for quite some time. Not once did this traveler stop to take in the sights or receive some proper sleep at a nearby inn or
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 40 25
HoO: Nico di Angelo x Reader: Shadows of Time (4)
Nico di Angelo x Reader: Shadows of Time
Part 4: We Need to Talk

   Nico was right. Nothing seemed normal anymore.
   You trudged home without your bike or Alex dropping you off.
   In just a day, everything changed.
   The student, your best friend, Alex, Alexander, was a satyr. You're a child of a goddess, your father was married to a Greek, and he might not know.
   You found a place for other demi-gods, and they look it up as heaven, but you were unable to trespass a mysterious border.
   You met and became acquaintances with a cute boy, which you wished to be friends with the next time you met him. His name implanted deep into your head.
   Nico... Nico... Nico di Angelo...
   There was a sound of something turning from the keyhole of the front door. From your position, you glanced at the wooden door, and the sheet of notes for your father sticking on it. The door
:iconrainbow000pegasus:rainbow000pegasus 4 2
Meanings (Norway X Reader)
“You’re not from Italy.” The words had left my mouth before I was even aware that I was going to say them, and I could feel the blush slowly forming on my face as I realised that he had heard what I said.
Lukas briefly glanced at me before he responded. “I’m aware of that.” He said it so matter-of-factly that I wondered if he even realised how odd the statement was, but then again, it was always difficult to differentiate between whatever different ways he said things. Most of the time his tone of voice was the same, it bothered me a little for some reason, not that I understood why it would, it just made him more difficult to figure out.
I tried to direct my eyes at anything but him, hoping that he would just forget about what I had said. Why do I have to say things before I think them through? He probably thinks I’m weird now… Maybe I should explain? No, looking up people’s names on the internet is weird too… I’ll j
:iconjgry:JGry 25 12
Lara Croft - Rise of a Tomb Raider by kaihansen3004 Lara Croft - Rise of a Tomb Raider :iconkaihansen3004:kaihansen3004 95 14 Zuul by mcolon93 Zuul :iconmcolon93:mcolon93 37 2 Newt's case by Sherlockian Newt's case :iconsherlockian:Sherlockian 42 5 Effie Trinket by NodameR Effie Trinket :iconnodamer:NodameR 11 0



I took this test to see what god is your mom or dad and I'm a daughter of Poseidon!


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